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Drizzle some BLING into your next project.

Posted by Rewa Nolan on

Add some Bling to your next project with this divine Angelina Fibre, available in Gold or Silver 10g packets.

Drizzle this delicious metallic fibre in as you blend on your Ashford Blending Board or next time you turn the handle on your Ashford Drum Carder.

Light reflective as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent, while it remains extremely soft to touch.

Blended with other fibres in amounts as small as 2% is gives sparkle and highlight to your yarn.

It's amazing how far it will go, both the fibre and the comments you'll receive from your friends.


Buy any Ashford Drum Carder or Blending Board and receive a FREE Silver and Gold packet of Angelina to drizzle to your hearts content.

Bon Appétit!



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