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Warping Sticks Cardboard

Warping Sticks Cardboard

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Cardboard - Warping Sticks

Thin, flat cardboard warping sticks in multiple sizes to suit the different loom widths.

- 22.5cm/9"  - fits 20cm/7.8" Sampleit Loom
27.8cm/10.9"  - fits 25cm9.8" Sampleit Loom
- 34cm/13.5"  - fits 30cm/12" Knitters Loom
- 44cm/17.5"  - fits 40cm/16" Rigid Heddle Loom
- 54cm/21.5"  - fits 50cm/20" Knitters Loom
- 64cm/25.5"  - fits 60cm/24" & 120cm/47.2" Rigid Heddle Looms
- 77cm/30.3"  - fits 70cm/27.5" Knitters Loom
- 84cm/33.5"  - fits 80cm/32" Rigid Heddle Loom

Sold as a set of 20 cardboard warping sticks.

* if you have a 120cm/47.2" Rigid Heddle Loom, as the cardboard sticks are not available in 120cm lengths we recommend that you use 2x 60cm lengths to assist you as you wind on your warp.